READING: Richard Cox grew the first Cox's apple here FARRINGDON: Keith Floyd used to live here SIDCUP: Mick Jagger and Keith Richards first agreed to form a band on the platform of Sidcup railway station KENNINGTON PARK: The first bomb in the First World War was dropped from a Zeppelin here in 1914 STOKE NEWINGTON: Authors Daniel Defoe, Edgar Allan Poe and Mary Wollstonecraft lived or were schooled here BURY St EDMUNDS: has Britain's smallest public house, the Nutshell • EXETER CITY: were the first ever team to play the national side of Brazil at football, in 1914 WEYMOUTH: has the biggest seagulls in the world. They have been known to swoop down and snatch small children WOKINGHAM: Barack Obama came to Wokingham in 1996 for a stag doBRIGHTON: Abba won the 1974 Eurovision performing at the Brighton Dome BOURNEMOUTH: Alex James from Blur was born here CATFORD: There are no hotels in Catford LETCHWORTH GARDEN CITY: home to the UK's first roundabout, from c. 1909 Plympton: Twiglets, the Bourbon and Garibaldi biscuits were all invented here BrRISTOL: has two famous dogs: Nipper, the dog on the HMV logo, was born in Bristol, and Wallace's mate Gromit is another local lad CARDIFF: Dr Who and Torchwood are both filmed in Cardiff, owing to the fact that there's a psychic rift that runs beneath the city TAMWORTH: was once the capital of Mercia, Britain's largest kingdom BIRMINGHAM: Custard powder was invented in Birmingham in 1837 by Alfred Bird NOTTINGHAM: home to Torville and Dean and Robin Hood, obviously HARROGATE: Charles Dickens once said that Harrogate is full of crazy people CLITHEROE: officially has the largest pigeons WARRINGTON: Ian Brown was born here CARLISLE: Had the first post box in 1853 SUNDERLAND: Sid James died on stage at the Sunderland Empire PRESTON: has a nuclear power plant called Springfield, just like The Simpsons PRESTON: R2D2 lives in Preston BELFAST: The last wolf in Ireland was killed here GLASGOW: There are more pubs in Glasgow than people EDINBURGH: Sean Connery was a milkman here
What is Toast the Nation?

It started as a feature on Shaun Keaveny's BBC 6 Music Breakfast Show and has taken the UK by storm. Well, okay, not by storm exactly, but the response was phenomenal - it quickly found its way into the hearts of 6 Music listeners and became a firm favourite. So much so, in fact, that now there's a book - R2D2 Lives in Preston.

Toast the Nation invites listeners 'toast' their hometown by listing its proudest achievements, stupidest facts and most famous (or infamous) residents. From the factual to the farcical, from the sublime to the ridiculous, wherever you live, there's always a reason to be gosh-darn proud of it. For instance, did you know that:

Clitheroe has the largest pigeons in the UK?

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards first agreed to form a band on the platform of Sidcup railway station?

And that Derry entered Guinness Book of World Records in 2007 for the biggest gathering of Santas - 13,000 in the one place?

Of course you didn't! So join us on a tour around the map of Britain to our favourite places, from the biggest city to the tiniest village – with not a crap town among them. And when we get there, raise a glass to their achievements – whether humble, hilarious, genuinely impressive or downright weird …

Most importantly, if you feel your abode is lacking a toast, click the 'Make a Toast' link and make amends. Go on, there's no time to lose!